We are extremely pleased and proud!

8 years ago we started with the development of 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING®  and just now, the Federal Office of Public Health has decided to create a new category on the „Mittel- und Gegenständeliste“ (MiGeL), thereby enabling full reimbursement of 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® by the compulsory basic insurance. 

As of January 1, 2017, reimbursement for 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® is granted (MiGeL number with a reimbursement amount of CHF 25.00 for 10ml.

The path to full reimbursement was a long, stony way. Not least due to the support from many wound experts the authorities have been convinced that 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® is a wound care product, which enables a clinically effective, useful and cost effective treatment of acute and chronic wounds. We are very proud to have been able to demonstrate that even in today’s environment, which is dominated by cost savings and increasing regulatory requirements, it is possible to find a path to market and full reimbursement for an innovative product if a great team is engaged with a lot of passion supported by doctors and wound experts.

AuthorEduardo Theiler