Phytoceuticals is a life science company that develops or acquires intellectual property from natural product extracts, defines scientifically sound development protocols, manages product development and then seeks exit options for these developed medicines.

The company’s current focus is to develop first-in-class solutions for major indications in dermatology.

The products 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING and WOUND are wound healing products formulated from a synergistically acting combination of Neem Oil and St. John’s Wort Oil. The products are rich in naturally occurring fatty acids which positively support the healing of acute and chronic wounds.


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Kerecis Omega3 Wound

Kerecis produces tissue-based, skin-substitute products for use in surgery and for treating wounds. Compared to other tissue-transplant products, the KerecisTM Omega3 fish skin is cost-effective, offers improved clinical performance, reduces the risk of disease transfer, and has no cultural constraints on usage.

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